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Bora Gold Offer (Triple Pack)

Bora Gold Offer (Triple Pack)
Bora Gold Offer (Triple Pack)
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Natural Healthy Tan all Year Round

Bora-Gold tanning capsules contain a mix of natural plant extracts. It helps accelerate a deeper, healthier sun-kissed tan. The effect is amplified when used in conjunction with a little sun exposure or sun tanning beds. This natural supplement is ideal for those that would like to take off that pale look during the winter months.  It helps to protect the skin from the effects of UV radiation (but you must still use sunscreen!) If you have ever wished for a golden tan all year round, then these capsules may be the answer.

Most fair-skinned people who find it difficult to develop a suntan may be lacking in melanin. It is ideal for use with sun exposure and may also be used in conjunction with sunbeds. 

Why Choose?Bora Gold is designed to accelerate tanning and help you get a faster, more efficient, tan. Ultra- Bronze is produced to the highest quality standards and formulated using only the very best ingredients.

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