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Stress & Energy Management

It’s vital to have good energy, and if your energy is low that becomes mental and physiological stress on the body. It results in a vicious circle of stress, which causes us to be less resistant to illness. Good nutrition, complete nutrition, the correct mineral balance, as well as certain special vitamins and nutrients contribute greatly to supporting the body in the area of stress...

Pantac - The Happy VitaminFeel on top of the world with this gentle-acting Vitamin for the mind and body. Pantac, the 'Happy Vitamin', is present in all cells and supports your brain cells for normal mental functioning. Pantac also supports the function of your adrenals - Your adrenals (situated abo..
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Build Bones and Teeth While You Sleep Well.Bone & Nerve Formula contains an excellent supply of Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc. These three minerals are in the organic citrate forms, as found in nature. Calcium, magnesium and zinc all help the nervous system function properly. This Top-Quality bone..
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An Innovative Product For Brain FitnessMind Focus is a unique combination of some of the most brain supportive nutrients designed to support cognitive function. Now more than ever with the emphases on education and further education people are looking at ways to best aid them in their focus and abil..
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Brewers Yeast PowderBrewers Yeast health supplement is deactivated by pastuerizing or drying. This means the micro organisms have been killed off but the proteins, vitamins and minerals are still retained.It is a rich source of: Chromium (for blood sugar balance), Protein (for muscle firming), ..
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Mind Focus is not a stimulant, but food to help your brain cells function properly. Brain-specific nutrients work by providing the organic nutritional support the brain cells need. They can continue to run at their natural rate, but with far better nutrition. As a result, you can experience the best..
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Increase Your Life ForceThis Increase Your Life Force Journal can be used to write and track goals, track your weight loss progress, create a daily checklist of tasks or as a gratitude journal.It is A5 size with 192 lined pages...
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This Classic Tote Bag carries your groceries, textbooks, and everything else you can easily strap around your shoulders..
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Tony Quinn’s Life Changing CDDr. Tony Quinn, the originator of The EDUCO® Model who is famed for his pioneering discovery of Unconscious Attention® shares his techniques for relaxation to help clear your mind and reduce stress in everyday life. Relaxation With A Purpose is like having a one-to-one r..
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 Tony Quinn - Start A New Life Today DownloadDr Tony Quinn, the originator of The EDUCO® Model, who is famed for his pioneering discovery of Unconscious Attention® shares his totally new approach to living which will benefit you and your life and enable you to be the best You, you can be. Start..
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