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Tony Quinn - Start A New Life Today Download

Tony Quinn - Start A New Life Today Download
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 Tony Quinn - Start A New Life Today Download

Dr Tony Quinn, the originator of The EDUCO® Model, who is famed for his pioneering discovery of Unconscious Attention® shares his totally new approach to living which will benefit you and your life and enable you to be the best You, you can be. Start a New Life Today is a method of using more of your potential immediately in any area of your life. It contains all the necessary life-changing information that can really transform your life for the better. ‘EDUCO®’ means to lead out from within. Start A New Life Today outlines how to draw out the real you, your success, your full potential, and the life of your dreams from within your own mind. This method, properly used, will literally enable you to evolve further as a person.

At TONY QUINN EDUCOHEALTH our products are designed to increase the innate LIFE FORCE that exists within us all. We believe this LIFE FORCE is the key contributor to living a healthier, happier, and vibrant life.  We are here to make your path to a healthier, happier, life-filled person, an easy one.

Key Benefits• Stress Reduction
• Increased Energy
• Better Communication
• Business Success
• Popularity
• Confidence
• Relationship Success
• Happiness
• Using more of your mind
• Increased Awareness
• Ability to mine a new life from your own mind
Why Choose?Start A New Life Today is a double cd & download pack that can help you to start using more of your mind to help shape a new life of happiness and success. Unlock even more of your potential and start living the life you always wanted - today!

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