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There are more than 40 different nutrients that are essential for health, and if anyone of them is lacking, this amounts to silent but damaging stress on the body. This affects the functioning of many organs and glands. To maintain good health a simple step is to make sure you have enough vitamins minerals amino acids and other supporting and helpful nutrients in addition to your good diet and healthy lifestyle. This helps to maintain the various functions of the body, including your immune system and correct cell renewal.

High Strength ZincZinc is an essential mineral that contributes to having healthy hair, skin and nails. For those interested in brain health, zinc very much contributes to normal cognitive function. Normal thinking is supported by the zinc in your diet. It is very easy to run low in zinc - for insta..
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Red Clover IsofalvonesStudies have shown that women going through the menopause may help maintain good health and well-being by eating a diet high in natural isoflavones. Promensil uses only high strength, standardised Red Clover Isoflavones (Phyto oestrogens) which work from within for long-term ho..
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Mobility Pack For Your JointsOur powerful solution for joint health A-Rite & B-Rite contains glucosamine and chondroitin together with nettle herbal extract which is our powerful solution for joint health. B-Rite contains high quality, high-strength fish oils (EPA and DHA) just as in our Bio-Oil..
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Energise Your Weight Loss ProgramHave you ever noticed that you weigh less in the morning than you did at night? This is because an important part of your body’s fat-burning process takes place at night-time. Did you know that your body burns energy even while you are watching TV or sitting at your ..
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EU sourced beef, produced without the use of growth-promoting hormonesLiver is probably the most nutritionally dense food on the planet. It is packed with nutrients and detoxifying properties. One thing that puts so many people off eating liver is the taste.An ideal way around this is to take Specia..
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A Healthier Iron Supplement for WomenFor women, it can at times be vital to have a reliable and effective supplement to provide extra iron. Standard forms of supplemental iron are toxic to various extents and often lead to constipation. If you were aware of how oestrogen is dealt with in the female ..
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Take Control of Your FatsAs we grow older, especially with weight gain, our system can become impaired by a build-up of bad fats. Obesity can affect your liver which reduces the efficiency of your system. This can critically affect many aspects of our normal functioning, in terms of our immune syste..
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EU sourced beef, produced without the use of growth-promoting hormonesLiver is probably the most nutritionally dense food on the planet. It is packed with nutrients. The problem with liver is that for many the taste is a bridge too far. An ideal way around this is to take the Desiccated Liver. This ..
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